Embedding a learning culture – one team at a time

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The elusive goal of achieving a culture of ‘learning organisation’ status is one that dangles just out of reach for many.

Organisations are working hard to create the eco-systems that support culture by opening up access to external and internal content, tools and cross-functional networks.

The progress organisations are making in democratising learning content is all worth nothing if the adaptive challenge of embedding the use of all these resources within the organisation isn’t addressed.

It’s like we know the ‘what’. The challenge we face is in ‘how’ we embed the learning mindsets and actions into organisational culture and ‘the way we do things here’.

My recommendation is to work in the space where people are most connected in the work they do and the relationships they build, that is ‘one team at a time’ – preferably the most senior team first!

Fundamentally, learning organisations are systems of enablement. They enable high performing teams to get things done. High performance teams are just groups of people that leverage the unique strengths of their members in disciplined and purposeful ways to achieve great outcomes.

So, how about we work on teams to be the place where people can continue growing their skills, knowledge and attributes in alignment with what will help the team continue delivering and innovating for the business?

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