For Individuals

Development for Individuals

The working environment is changing. There is no ‘job for life’. Mccrindle research estimates that multiple job and career changes will be the norm.

Skills and capabilities will be the individuals’ asset and they will continually need to be developed, adapted, and stretched.

If we know that skills will be more fluid in the future, it makes sense to invest in lifelong learning as a habit for ongoing career success.

Gen Zs will have 17 jobs in a lifetime (Mccrindle,2015)
2/3rds of jobs will be 'soft-skill' intensive by 2030 (Deloitte, 2019)
All jobs will have some automation (McKinsey & Company, 2017)

How Remarkable Learning helps

Career & Development Coaching

1:1 strength-based coaching focused on unique needs based on individual profiling tool (DiSC, MBTI, VIA Character Strengths, 360 Feedback) Coaching can happen in person, online and even self-paced, so there are no barriers to getting you started!

learning modules

career & development training delivered online or face-to-face to groups or individuals
Custom self-paced tools and resources
Custom learning module design available